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Unformatted text preview: stem effectiveness is almost always multifaceted, and is typically the result of the combined effects of: • • • • • System output quality Size or quantity of system output System coverage or comprehensiveness System output timeliness System availability. A measure of effectiveness and its measurement method (i.e., model) should focus on the critical facet (or facets) of effectiveness for the trade study issue under consideration. Which facets are critical can often be deduced from the accompanying functional analysis. The functional analysis is also very useful in helping to identify the underlying system performance or technical attributes that mathematically determine system effectiveness. (Note that each of the above facets may have several dimensions. If this is the case, then each dimension can be considered a function of the underlying system performance or technical attributes.) Ideally, there is a strong connection between the system functional analysis, system effectiveness measure, and the functional and performance requirements. The same functional analysis that results in the functional requirements flowdown also yields the system effectiveness and performance measures that are optimized (through trade studies) to produce the system performance requirements. An effectiveness measurement method or model should provide trustworthy relationships between these underlying performance or technical attributes and the measure of system effectiveness. Early in the project life cycle, the effectiveness model may embody simple parametric relationships among the high-level performance and technical attributes and the measure of system effectiveness. In the later phases of the project life cycle, the effectiveness model may use more complex relationships requiring more detailed, specific data on operational scenarios and on each of the alternatives. In other words, early effectiveness modeling during architecture trade studies may take a functional view, while later modeling d...
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