Systems engineering audits the design and coding

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Unformatted text preview: ically the project-level system engineer, is responsible for managing the project through the technical aspect of the project life cycle. This responsibility includes management of the decomposition and definition sequence, and management of the integration, verification, and validation sequence. Attendant with this management is the requirement to control the technical baselines of the project. Typically, these baselines are the: “functional," ''design to,” "build-to'' (or "code-to"), "as-built" (or "ascoded"), and ''as-deployed." Systems engineering must ensure an efficient and logical progression through these baselines. Systems engineering is responsible for system decomposition and design until the "design-to" specifications of all lower-level configuration items have been produced. Design engineering is then responsible for developing the ''build-to" and "code-to" documentation that complies with the approved "design-to" baseline. Systems engineering audits the design and coding process and the design engineering solutions for compliance to all higher level baselines. In performing this responsibility, systems engineering must ensure and document requirements traceability. Systems engineering is also responsible for the overall management of the integration, verification, and validation process. In this role, systems engineering conSEMP Lessons Learned fromDoD Experience • • • • • • • A well-managed project requires a coordinated Systems Engineering Management Plan that is used through the project cycle. A SEMP is a living document that must be updated as the project changes and kept consistent with the Project Plan. A meaningful SEMP must be the product of experts from all areas of the project. Projects with little or insufficient systems engineering discipline generally have major problems. Weak systems engineering, or systems engineering placed too low in the organization, cannot perform the functions as required. The systems engineering effort must be skillfully managed and well communicated t...
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