Systems that are assembled on orbit must have each

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Unformatted text preview: and a proposed resolution should be defined before testing continues. Major anomalies, or those that are not easily dispositioned, may require resolution by a collaborative effort of the system engineer, and the design, test, and other organizations. Where appropriate, analyses and models are validated and updated as test data are acquired. tingency verifications and procedures are developed for any contingencies that can be foreseen to occur during pre-launch and countdown. These contingency verifications and procedures are critical in that some contingencies may require a return of the launch vehicle or flight article from the launch pad to a processing facility. 6.6.5 6.6.6 Preparation for Deployment Verification The pre-launch verification stage begins with the arrival of the flight article at the launch site and concludes at liftoff. During this stage, the flight article is processed and integrated with the launch vehicle. The launch vehicle could be the Shuttle, some other launch vehicle, or the flight article could be part of the launch vehicle. Verifications requirements for this stage are defined in the VRSD. When the launch site is the Kennedy Space Center, the Operations and Maintenance Requirements and Specifications Document (OMRSD) is used in lieu of the VRSD. Verifications performed during this stage ensure that no visible damage to the system has occurred during shipment and that the system continues to function properly. If system elements are shipped separately and integrated at the launch site, testing of the system and system interfaces is generally required. If the system is integrated into a carrier, the interface to the carrier must also be verified. Other verifications include those that occur following integration into the launch vehicle and those that occur at the launch pad; these are intended to ensure that the system is functioning and in its proper launch configuration. Con Software IV&V Some project managers/system engineers may wish to add IV&V (Independent Verification and Validatio...
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