The ffbds are function oriented not equipment

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Unformatted text preview: ngineering Handbook Appendix B.4—A Sample Risk Management Plan Outline 3.0 1.0 2.0 Risk Management Approach 2.1 Risk Management Philosophy/Overview 2.2 Management Organization and Responsibilities 2.3 Schedule, Milestones, and Reviews 2.4 Related Program Plans 2.5 Subcontractor Risk Management 2.6 Program/Project Risk Metrics Risk Management Methodologies, Processes, and Tools 3.1 Risk Identification and Characterization 3.2 Risk Analysis 3.3 Risk Mitigation and Tracking 4.0 Significant Identified Risks* 4.1 Technical Risks 4.2 Programmatic Risks 4.3 Supportability Risks 4.4 Cost Risks 4.5 Schedule Risks Introduction 1.1 Purpose and Scope of the RMP 1.2 Applicable Documents and Definitions 1.3 Program/Project (or System) Description * Each subsection contains risk descriptions, charac terizations, analysis results, mitigation actions, and reporting metrics . NASA Systems Engineering Handbook NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Appendix B.6—A Sample Configuration Management Plan Outline 5.0 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Description of the Cls 1.2 Program Phasing and Milestones 1.3 Special Features Interface Management 5. 1 Documentation 5.2 Interface Control 6.0 2.0 Organization 2.1 Structure and Tools 2.2 Authority and Responsibility 2.3 Directives and Reference Documents Configuration Traceability 6.1 Nomenclature and Numbering 6.2 Hardware Identification 6.3 Software and Firmware Identification 7.0 Configuration Status Accounting and Communications 7.1 Data Bank Description 7.2 Data Bank Content 7.3 Reporting 8.0 Configuration Management Audits 9.0 Subcontractor/Vendor Control 3.0 Configuration Identification 3.1 Baselines 3.2 Specifications 4.0 Configuration Control 4.1 Baseline Release 4.2 Procedures 4.3 CI Audits NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Appendix B.7—Techniques of Functional Analysis Appendix B.7 is reproduced from the Defense Systems Management Guide,published January 1990 by the Defense Systems Management College, Ft. Belvoir, VA. •• • System requirements ar...
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