The pbs and associated wbs can then be developed

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Unformatted text preview: P, and other documentation products, such as specifications and drawings. It provides a logical outline and vocabulary that describes the entire project, and integrates information in a consistent way. If there is a schedule slip in one element of a WBS, an observer can determine which other WBS elements are most likely to be affected. Cost impacts are more accurately estimated. If there is a design change in one element of the WBS, an observer can determine which other WBS elements will most likely be affected, and these elements can be consulted for potential adverse impacts. 4.3.2 Figure 10 -- The Relationship Between a System, a Product Breakdown Structure, and a Work Breakdown Structure. Techniques for Developing the WBS Developing a successful project WBS is likely to require several iterations through the project life cycle since it is not always obvious at the outset what the full extent of the work may be. Prior to developing a preliminary WBS, there should be some development of the system architecture to the point where a preliminary PBS can be created. The PBS and associated WBS can then be developed level by level from the top down. In this approach, a project-level system engineer finalizes the PBS at the pro- NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering ject level, and provides a draft PBS for the next lower level. The WBS is then derived by adding appropriate services such as management and systems engineering to that lower level. This process is repeated recursively until a WBS exists down to the desired cost account level. An alternative approach is to define all levels of a complete PBS in one design activity, and then develop the complete WBS. When this approach is taken, it is necessary to take great care to develop the PBS so that all products are included, and all assembly/integration and verification branches are correct. The involvement of people who will be responsible for the lower level WBS elements is recommended. A...
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