The semp should be comprehensive and describe how a

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Unformatted text preview: uld be applied. estimate, since activities that incur cost, such as technical risk reduction, need to be identified and described beforehand. The contractor should have its SEMP developed during the proposal process (prior to costing and pricing) because the SEMP describes the technical content of the project, the potentially costly risk management activities, and the verification and validation techniques to be used, all of which must be included in the preparation of project cost estimates. The project SEMP is the senior technical management document for the project; all other technical control documents, such as the Interface Control Plan, Change Control Plan. Make-or-Buy Control Plan, Design Review Plan, Technical Audit Plan, depend on the SEMP and must comply with it. The SEMP should be comprehensive and describe how a fully integrated engineering effort will be managed and conducted. 4.2.2 Since the SEMP describes the project's technical management approach, which is driven by the type of project, the phase in the project life cycle, and the technical development risks. it must be specifically written for each project to address these situations and issues. While the specific content of the SEMP is tailored to the project, the recommended content is listed below. Part I—Technical Project Planning and Control. This section should identify organizational responsibilities and authority for systems engineering management, including control of contracted engineering; levels of control established for performance and design requirements, and the control method used; technical progress assurance methods; plans and schedules for design and technical program/project reviews; and control of documentation. This section should describe: • • 4.2.1 Role of the SEMP • The SEMP is the rule book that describes to all participants how the project will be technically managed. The responsible NASA field center should have a SEMP to describe how it will conduct its technical management, and each contractor should have a SEMP to describe how it will manage in accordance with both its contract and NASA's technical management practices. Since the SEMP is project- and contract-unique, it must be updated for each significant programmatic change or it will become outmoded and unused, and the project could slide into an uncontrolled state. The NASA field center should have its SEMP developed before attempting to prepare an initial cost Contents of the...
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