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The baseline once established contains information

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Unformatted text preview: account structure needs to be directly linked to the work in the WBS and the schedules by which that work is done. (See Sections 4.3 through 4.5.) The project's organization structure describes the clusters of personnel assigned to perform the work. These organizational structures are usually trees. Sometimes they are represented as a matrix of two interlaced trees, one for line responsibilities, the other for project responsibilities. In any case, the organizational structure should allow identification of responsibility for each WBS task. Project documentation is the product of particular WBS tasks. There are two fundamental categories of project documentation: baselines and archives. Each category contains information about both the product system and the producing system. The baseline, once established, contains information describing the current state of the product system and producing system resulting from all decisions that have been made. It is usually organized as a collection of hierarchical tree structures, and should exhibit a significant amount of cross-reference linking. The archives contain all of the rest of the project's information that is worth remembering, even if only temporarily. The archives should contain all assumptions, data, and supporting analyses that are relevant to past, present, and future decisions. Inevitably, the structure (and control) of the archives is much looser than that of the baseline, though cross references should be maintained where feasible. (See Section 4.7.) The structure of reviews (and their associated control gates) reflect the time-phased activities associated with the realization of the product system from its product breakdown. The status reporting and assessment structure provides information on the progress of those same activities. On the financial side, the status reporting and assessment structure should be directly linked to the WBS, schedules, and cost accounts. On the technical side, it should be linked to the product breakdown and/or requirements tree. (See Sections...
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