The information generally contained in a procedure is

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Unformatted text preview: ew (FRR). The compliance document is not baselined because compliance information is input to the document throughout the entire project life cycle. It is, however, an extremely important part of the project's archives. The heart of the Verification Requirements Compliance Document is also a data table with links to the corresponding requirements. The VRCD includes the following fields: • • A numerical designator assigned to each requirement A statement of the specific requirement to be verified The "pass/fail" criteria and tolerances for each requirement Any constraints that must be observed Any remarks to aid in the understanding of the requirement Location where the requirement will be verified. The VRSD, along with flight article drawings and schematics, is the basis for the development of verification procedures, and is also used as one of the bases for development of the Verification Requirements Compliance Document (VRCD). Verification Requirements Compliance Document. The Verification Requirements Compliance Document (VRCD) provides the evidence of compliance to each Level I through Level n design, performance, safety, and interface requirement, and to each VRSD requirement. The flowdown to VRSD requirements completes the full requirements traceability. Compliance with all the requirements ensures that Level I requirements have been met. The VRCD defines, for each requirement, the method(s) of verification and corresponding compliance information for each method employed. The compliance • • • • • A numerical designator assigned to each requirement A numerical designator that defines the document where the requirement is defined A statement of the specific requirement for which compliance is to be defined Verification method used to verify the requirement Location of the data that show compliance with the requirement statement. This information could be a test, report, procedure, analysis report, or other information that fully defines where the compliance data could be found. Retest information is also shown. Any non-conformances that occurred during the verification activities Any sta...
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