The results reinforce the missions merit and provide

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Unformatted text preview: ere internally established at MCR Validate that system requirements meet mission objectives Identify technology risks and the plans to mitigate those risks Present refined cost, schedule, and personnel resource estimates. Criteria for Successful Completion —The following items compose a checklist to aid in determining readiness of MDR product preparation: • • • • • • • Do the defined system requirements meet the mission objectives expressed at the start of the program/project? Are the system-level requirements complete, consistent, and verifiable? Have preliminary allocations been made to lower levels? Have the requirements trades converged on an optimal set of system requirements? Do the trades address program/project cost and schedule constraints as wel1 as mission technical needs? Do the trades cover a broad spectrum of options? Have the trades identified for this set of activities been completed? Have the remaining trades been identified to select the final system design? Are the upper levels of the system PBS completely defined? Are the decisions made as a result of the trades consistent with the evaluation criteria established at the MCR? Has an optimal final design converged to a few alternatives? Have technology risks been identified and have mitigation plans been developed? Results of Review —A successful MDR supports the decision to further develop the system architecture/design and any technology needed to accomplish the mission. The results reinforce the mission's merit and provide a basis for the system acquisition strategy. System Definition Review. Purpose —The System Definition Review (SDR) examines the proposed system architecture/design and the flowdown to all functional elements of the system. Timing —Near the completion of the system definition stage. It represents the culmination of efforts in system requirements analysis and allocation. Objectives—The objectives of the SDR are to: • • • • Demonstrate that the architecture/design is acceptable. that requirements allocation is...
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