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Unformatted text preview: WBS for a Multiple Delivery Project. There are several terms for projects that provide multiple deliveries, such as: rapid development, rapid prototyping, and incremental delivery. Such projects should also have a product-based WBS, but there will be one extra level in the WBS hierarchy, immediately under the final prime product(s), which identifies each delivery. At any one point in time there will be both active and inactive elements in the WBS. A WBS for an Operational Facility. A WBS for managing an operational facility such as a flight operations center is analogous to a WBS for developing a system. The difference is that the products in the PBS are not necessarily completed once and then integrated, but are produced on a routine basis. A PBS for an operational facility might consist largely of information products or service products provided to external customers. However, the general concept of a hierarchical breakdown of products and/or services would still apply. The rules that apply to a development WBS also apply to a WBS for an operational facility. The techniques for developing a WBS for an operational facility are the same, except that services such as maintenance and user support are added to the PBS, and services such as systems engineering, integration, and verification may not be needed. 4.3.3 Common Errors in Developing aWBS There are three common errors found in WBSs: NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering • • • Error 1: The WBS describes functions, not products. This makes the project manager the only one formally responsible for products. Error 2: The WBS has branch points that are not consistent with how the WBS elements will be integrated. For instance, in a flight operations system with a distributed architecture, there is typically software associated with hardware items that will be integrated and verified at lower levels of a WBS. It would then be inappropriate to separate hardware and software as if they were separate systems to be integrated at the system level. This would make it difficult to a...
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