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Unformatted text preview: duled event (either a review or an audit) that NASA management will use to make program or project go/no-go decisions. A control gate is a management event in the proProject Termination It should be noted that project termination, while usually disappointing to project personnel, may be a proper reaction to changes in external conditions or to an improved understanding of the system's projected cost-effectiveness. ject life cycle that is of sufficient importance to be identified, defined, and included in the project schedule. It requires formal examination to evaluate project status and to obtain approval to proceed to the next management event according to the Program/Project Plan. 4.8.2 General Principles for Reviews Review Boards. The convening authority, which supervises the manager of the activity being reviewed, normally appoints the review board chair. Unless there are compelling technical reasons to the contrary, the chair should not be directly associated with the project or task under review. The convening authority also names the review board members. The majority of the members should not be directly associated with the program or project under review. Internal Reviews. During the course of a project or task, it is necessary to conduct internal reviews that present technical approaches, trade studies, analyses, and problem areas to a peer group for evaluation and comment. The timing, participants, and content of these reviews is normally defined by the project manager or the manager of the performing organization. Internal reviews are also held prior to participation in a formal control gate review. Internal reviews provide an excellent means for controlling the technical progress of the project. They also should be used to ensure that all interested parties are involved in the design and development early on and throughout the process. Thus, representatives from areas such as manufacturing and quality assurance should attend the internal reviews as active participants. They can then, for example, ensure that the design is producible and that quality is managed through...
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