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The verification engineer develops the vrsd from an

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Unformatted text preview: e testing. Verification reports should be completed within a few weeks following a test, and should provide evidence of compliance with the verification requirements for which it was conducted. The verification report should include as appropriate: • • • • • • • • • • • • Verification objectives and degree to which they were met Description of verification activity Test configuration and differences from flight configuration Specific result of each test and each procedure including annotated tests Specific result of each anal ysis Test performance data tables, graphs, illustrations, and pictures Descriptions of deviations from nominal results, problems/failures, approved anomaly corrective actions, and re-test activity Summary of non-conformance/discrepancy reports including dispositions Conclusion and recommendations relative to success of verification activity Status of support equipment as affected by test Copy of as-run procedure Authentication of test results and authorization of acceptability. vices a general schedule and sequence of events for major verification activities. It also describes test software, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), and facilities necessary to support the verification activities. The verification engineer develops the plan through a thorough understanding of the verification program concept, the requirements in the Program (i.e., Level I) Requirements Document (PRD), System/Segment (i.e., Level II) Requirements Document (SRD), and/or the CI specification, and the methods identified in the VRM of those documents. Again, the development of the plan requires that the verification engineer work closely with the design, systems engineering, and test organizations. A sample outline for this plan is illustrated in Appendix B.10. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process Verification Requirements and Specifications Docu ment. The Verification Requirements and Specifications Document (VRSD) defines the detailed requirement...
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