These requirements and the methods of verification

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Unformatted text preview: ten, analyses and models are validated or corroborated by the results of a test activity. Any verification-related results should be documented as part of the project's archives. • • Operational (also known as on-orbit or in-flight) Disposal (as needed). The development stage is the period during which a new project or system is formulated and implemented up to the manufacturing of qualification or flight hardware. Verification activities during this stage (e.g., breadboard testing) provide confidence that the system can accomplish mission goals/objectives. When tests are conducted during this stage, they are usually performed by the design organization, or by the design and test organizations together. Also, some program/project requirements may be verified or partially verified through the activities of the PDR and CDR, both of which occur during this stage. Any development activity used to formally satisfy program/project requirements should have quality assurance oversight. The qualification stage is the period during which the flight (protoflight approach) or flight-type hardware is verified to meet functional, performance. and design requirements. Verifications during this stage are conducted on flight-configured hardware at conditions more severe than acceptance conditions to establish that the hardware wild perform satisfactorily in the flight environments with sufficient margin. The acceptance stage is the period during which the deliverable flight end-item is shown to meet functional, performance, and design requirements under conditions specified for the mission. The acceptance stage ends with shipment of the flight hardware to the launch site. The preparation for deployment stage begins with the arrival of the flight hardware and/or software at the launch site and terminates at launch. Requirements verified during this stage are those that demand the integrated vehicle and/or launch site facilities. The operational verification stage begins at liftoff; during...
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