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These should be conducted in consonance with the

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Unformatted text preview: sses used during the project life cycle. The quality assurance engineer typically acts as the system engineer's eyes and ears in this context. The project manager/system engineer must work with the quality assurance engineer to develop a quality assurance program (the extent, responsibility, and timing of QA activities) tailored to the project it supports. As with the reliability program, this largely depends on the NASA payload classification (see Appendix B.3). 6.3.1 Role of the Quality Assurance Engineer The quality assurance engineer performs several tasks, which are explained in more detail in NHB 5300.4(1B), Quality Program Provisions for Aeronautical and Space System Contractors. In brief, these tasks include: • • • • • • • Developing and executing a quality assurance program plan Ensuring the completeness of configuration management procedures and documentation, and monitoring the fate of ECRs/ECPs (see Section 4.7) Participating in the evaluation and selection of procurement sources Inspecting items and facilities during manufacturing/fabrication, and items delivered to NASA field centers Ensuring the adequacy of personnel training and technical documentation to be used during manufacturing/fabrication Ensuring verification requirements are properly specified, especially with respect to test environments, test configurations, and pass/fail criteria Monitoring qualification and acceptance tests to ensure compliance with verification requirements and NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process • • • test procedures, and to ensure that test data are correct and complete Monitoring the resolution and close-out of nonconformances and Problem/Failure Reports (P/FRs) Verifying that the physical configuration of the system conforms to the "build-to" (or "code-to") documentation approved at CDR Collecting and maintaining QA data for subsequent failure analyses. The quality assurance engineer also participates in major reviews...
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