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This handbook represents some of the best think ing

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Unformatted text preview: ons and changes within NASA. This handbook represents some of the best think ing from across NASA. Many experts influenced its outcome, and consideration was given to each idea and criticism. It truly represents a NASA-wide product and one which furnishes a good overview of NASA systems engineering. The handbook is intended to be an educational guide written from a NASA perspective. Individuals who take systems engineering courses are the primary audience for this work. Working professionals who require a guidebook to NASA systems engineering represent a secondary audience. It was discovered during the review of the draft document that interest in this work goes far beyond NASA. Requests for translating this work have come from international sources, and we have been told that the draft hand book is being used in university courses on the subject. All of this may help explain why copies of the original draft handbook have been in short supply. The main purposes of the NASA Systems Engineering Handbook are to provide: 1) useful information to system engineers and project managers, 2) a generic descrip tion of NASA systems engineering which can be supported by center-specific documents, 3) a common language and perspective of the systems engineering process, and 4) a reference work which is consistent with NMI 7120.4/NHB 7120.5. The handbook approaches systems engineering from a systems perspective, starting at mission needs and conceptual studies through operations and disposal. While it would be impossible to thank all of the people directly involved, it is essential to note the efforts of Dr. Robert Shishko of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Bob was largely responsible for ensuring the completion of this effort. His technical expertise and nonstop determination were critical factors to ensure the success of this project. Mihaly Csikzenthmihali defined an optimal experience as one where there is "a sense of exhilaration, a deep sense of enjoyment that is long cherished and becomes a landmark in mem...
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