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Unformatted text preview: A/B activities are driven by the requirements of the EA/EIS. At the earliest possible time (not later than Phase A), the responsible Headquarters PAA must undertake to develop the project EA/EIS and a Safety Analysis/Launch Approval Plan in coordination with the nuclear power system integration engineer and/or the launch vehicle integration engineer. A primary purpose of the EA/EIS is to ensure a comprehensive assessment of the rationale for choosing a radioactive source. In addition, the EA/EIS illuminates the environmental effects of alternative mission designs, flight systems, and launch vehicles, as well as the relative nuclear safety concerns of each alternative. The launch approval engineer ensures that the following specific requirements are met during Phase A: • • • Conduct a radioactive source design trade study that includes the definition, spacecraft design impact evaluation, and cost trades of all reasonable alternatives Identify the flight system requirements that are specific to the radioactive source For nuclear power alternatives, identify flight system power requirements and alternatives, and define the operating and accident environments to allow DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) to assess the applicability of existing nuclear power system design(s). During Phase B, activities depend on the specifics of the project's EA/EIS plan. The responsible Headquarters PAA determines whether the preparation and writing of the EA/EIS will be done at a NASA field center, at NASA Headquarters, or by a contractor, and what assistance will be required from other field centers, the launch facility, DOE, or other agencies and organizations. The launch approval engineer ensures that the following specific requirements are met during Phase B: • • • Update and refine the project, flight system, launch vehicle, and radioactive source descriptions Update and refine the radioactive source design trade study developed during Phase A Assist DOE where appropriate in conducting a preliminary assessment of the mission's nucle...
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