This is required to utilize their cross discipline

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Unformatted text preview: the project life cycle. In addition, some organizations utilize a Red Team. This is an internal, independent, peer-level review conducted to identify any deficiencies in requests for proposals, proposal responses, documentation, or presentation material prior to its release. The project or task manager is responsible for establishing the Red Team membership and for deciding which of their recommendations are to be implemented. Review Presentation Material. Presentations using existing documentation such as specifications, drawings, analyses, and reports may be adequate. Copies of any prepared materials (such as viewgraphs) should be provided to the review board and meeting attendees. Background information and review presentation material of use to board members should be distributed to the members early enough to enable them to examine it prior to the review. For major reviews, this time may be as long as 30 calendar days. Review Conduct. All reviews should consist of oral presentations of the applicable project requirements and the approaches, plans, or designs that satisfy those requirements. These presentations normally are given by the cognizant design engineer or his/her immediate supervisor. It is highly recommended that in addition to the review board, the review audience include project personnel (NASA and contractor) not directly associated with the design being reviewed. This is required to utilize their cross-discipline expertise to identify any design shortfalls or recommend design improvements. The review audience should also include non-project spets in the area under review, and spets in production/fabrication, testing, quality assurance, reliability, and safety. Some reviews may also require the presence of both the contractor's and NASA's contracting officers. Prior to and during the review, board members and review attendees may submit requests for action or engineering change requests (ECRs) that document a concern, NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering deficiency, or recommended improvement in the presented approach, plan, or design. Following th...
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