Together these definitions are broad enough to

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Unformatted text preview: l of resolution), and constraints The measures and measurement methods (models) used All data sources used The alternatives chosen for analysis The computational results, including uncertainty ranges and sensitivity analyses performed The selection rule used The recommended alternative. Trade study reports should be maintained as part of the system archives so as to ensure traceability of decisions made through the systems engineering process. Using a generally consistent format for these reports also makes it easier to review and assimilate them into the formal change control process. should also spell out the general contents of trade study reports, which form part of the decision support packages (i.e., documentation submitted in conjunction with formal reviews and change requests). A second mechanism for controlling the trade study process is the selection of the study team leaders and members. Because doing trade studies is part art and part science, the composition and experience of the teams is an important determinant of the study's ultimate usefulness. A useful technique to avoid premature focus on a specific technical designs is to include in the study team individu als with differing technology backgrounds. Another mechanism is limiting the number of alternatives that are to be carried through the study. This number is usually determined by the time and resources available to do the study because the work required in defining additional alternatives and obtaining the necessary data on them can be considerable. However, focusing on too few or too similar alternatives defeats the purpose of the trade study process. A fourth mechanism for controlling the trade study process can be exercised through the use (and misuse) of models. Lastly, the choice of the selection rule exerts a considerable influence on the results of the trade study process. These last two issues are discussed in Sections 5.1.2 and 5.1.3, respectively. 5.1.2 Using Models Models play important and diverse roles in systems engineering. A model can be defined in several ways, including: ...
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