Tom weber rockwell internationalspace systems

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Unformatted text preview: Morris, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mr. Tom Weber, Rockwell International/Space Systems Reviewers: Mr. Robert C. Baumann, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Mr. Chris Carl, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Dr. David S.C. Chu, Assistant Secretary of Defense/Program Analysis and Evaluation Mr. M.J. Cork, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mr. James R. French, JRF Engineering Services Mr. John L. Gasery, Jr., NASA/Stennis Space Center Mr. Frederick D. Gregory, NASA Headquarters/Code Q Mr. Don Hedgepeth, NASA/Langley Research Center Mr. Jim Hines, Rockwell International/Space Systems Mr. Keith L. Hudkins, NASA Headquarters/Code MZ Dr. Jerry Lake, Defense Systems Management College Mr. T.J. Lee, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center Mr. Jim Lloyd, NASA Headquarters/Code QS Mr. Woody Lovelace, NASA/Langley Research Center Dr. Brian Mar, Department of Civil Engineering, Univer sity of Washington Dr. Ralph F. Miles, Jr., Center for Safety and System Management, University of Southern California Dr. Richard A. Montgomery, Montgomery and Associates Mr. Bernard G. Morais, Synergistic Applications, Inc. Mr. Ron Moyer, NASA Headquarters/Code QW Mr. Rudy Naranjo, NASA Headquarters/Code MZ Mr. Raymond L. Nieder, NASA/Johnson Space Center Mr. James E. Pearson, United Technologies Research Center Mr. Leo Perez, NASA Headquarters/Code QP Mr. David Pine, NASA Headquarters/Code B Mr. Glen D. Ritter, NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Dr. Arnold Ruskin, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory and University of California at Los Angeles Mr. John G. Shirlaw, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Mr. Richard E. Snyder, NASAlLangley Research Center Mr. Don Sova, NASA Headquarters/Code AE Mr. Marvin A. Stibich, USAF/Aeronautical Systems Center Mr. Lanny Taliaferro, NASAtMarshall Space Flight Center Editorial and graphics support: Mr. Stephen Brewster, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mr. Randy Cassingham, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mr. John Matlock, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory —Dr. Robert Shishko Task Manager, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA Systems Engineerin...
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