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Unformatted text preview: s and specifications for the verification of a flight article, including the ground system/segment. The VRSD specifies requirements and specifications for activities covering qualification through operational verification. Requirements are also defined for flight software verification after the software has been installed in the flight article. The VRSD should cover verifications by all methods; some programs/projects, however, use a document that defines only requirements to be satisfied by test. The VRSD should include all requirements defined in Level I, II, and III requirements documents plus derived requirements. The VRSD defines the acceptance criteria and any constraints for each requirement. The VRSD typical]y identifies the locations where requirements will be verified. On large programs/projects, a VRSD is normally developed for each verification activity/location (e.g., thermal-vacuum testing), and is tailored to include requirements for that verification activity only. The verification engineer develops the VRSD from an understanding of the requirements, the verification program concept, and the flight article. The VRSD is baselined prior to the start of the verification activity. The heart of the VRSD is a data table that includes the following fields: • • • • • • information provides either the actual data, or a reference to the location of the actual data that shows compliance with the requirement. (The document also shows any non-compliances by referencing the related Non-Compliance Report (NCR) or Problem/Failure Report (P/FR); following resolution of the anomaly, the document specifies appropriate re-verification information.) The compliance information may reference a verification report, an automated test program, a verification procedure, an analysis report, or a test. The inputting of compliance information into the compliance document occurs over a lengthy period of time, and on large systems and payloads, the effort may be continuous. The information in the compliance document must be up-to-date for the System Acceptance Review(s) (SAR) and Flight Readiness Revi...
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