Verification by simulation is the process of

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Unformatted text preview: r's verification process through the project's Statement of Work (SoW). Degree of design inheritance and hardware/software reuse. Verification Methods and Techniques. The system engineer needs to understand what methods and techniques the verification engineer uses to verify compliance with requirements. In brief, these methods and techniques are: • • • • • • • Test Analysis Demonstration Similarity Inspection Simulation Validation of records. Verification by test is the actual operation of equipment during ambient conditions or when subjected to specified environments to evaluate performance. Two subcategories can be defined: functional testing and environmental testing. Functional testing is an individual test or series of electrical or mechanical performance tests conducted on flight or flight-configured hardware and/or software at conditions equal to or less than design specifications. Its purpose is to establish that the system performs satisfactorily in accordance with design and performance specifications. Functional testing generally is performed at ambient conditions. Functional testing is performed before and after each environmental test or major move in order to verify system performance prior to the next test/operation. Environmental testing is an individual test or series of tests conducted on flight or flight-configured hardware and/or software to assure it will perform satisfactorily in its flight environment. Environmental tests include vibration, acoustic, and thermal vacuum. Environmental testing may be combined with functional testing if test objectives warrant. Verification by analysis is a process used in lieu of (or in addition to) testing to verify compliance to specifications/requirements. The selected techniques may include NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process systems engineering analysis, statistics and qualitative analysis, computer and hardware simulations, an...
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