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Unformatted text preview: ance requirements are verified, while analyses and models are updated as test data are acquired. Safety requirements, defined by hazard analysis reports, may also be satisfied by qualification testing. Qualification usually occurs at the component or subsystem level, but could occur at the system level as well. When a project decides against building dedicated qualification hardware, and uses the flight hardware itself for qualification purposes, the process is termed protoflight. Additional information on protoflight testing is contained in MSFC-HDBK-670, General Environmental Test Guidelines (GETG) for Protoflight Instruments and Experiments. 6.6.4 Acceptance Verification The acceptance stage verification activities provide the assurance that the flight hardware and software are in NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Integrating Engineering Specialties Into the Systems Engineering Process compliance with all functional, performance, and design requirements, and are ready for shipment to the launch site. The acceptance stage begins with the acceptance of each individual component or piece part for assembly into the flight article and continues through the SAR. Some verifications cannot be performed after a flight article, especially a large one, has been assembled and integrated (e.g., due to inaccessability). When this occurs, these verifications are performed during fabrication and integration, and are known as in-process tests. Acceptance testing, then, begins with in-process testing and continues through functional testing, environmental testing, and end-to-end compatibility testing. Functional testing normally begins at the component level and continues at the systems level, ending with all systems operating simultaneously. All tests are performed in accordance with requirements defined in the VRSD. When flight hardware is unavailable, or its use is inappropriate for a specific test, simulators may be used to verify interfaces. Anomalies occurring during a test are documented on the appropriate reporting system (NCR or P/FR),...
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