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Unformatted text preview: specified in the Configuration Management Plan. Typically, a configuration control board meets to consider change requests to the business or technical baseline of the program/project. The program/project manager is usually the board chair, who is the sole decision maker. The configuration manager acts as the board secretary, who skillfully guides the process and records the official events of the process. In a configuration control board forum, a number of issues should be addressed: • • What is the proposed change? What is the reason for the change? Objective: To review evaluations, and then approve or disapprove proposed changes to the project's technical or business baselines. Participants: Project manager (chair), project-level system engineer, managers of each affected organization, configuration manager (secretary), presenters. Format: Presenter covers recommended change and discusses related system impact. The presentation is reviewed by the system engineer for completeness prior to presentation. Decision: The CCB members discuss the Change Request (CR) and formulate a decision. Project manager agrees or overrides. The secretary prepares a CCB directive, which records and directs the CR's disposition. NASA Systems Engineering Handbook Management Issues in Systems Engineering A review of this information should lead to a well-informed decision. When this information is not available to the configuration control board, unfounded decisions are made, often with negative consequences to the program or project. Once a baseline is placed under configuration control, any change requires the approval of the configuration control board. The project manager chairs the configuration control board, while the system engineer or configuration manager is responsible for reviewing all material for completeness before it is presented to the board, and for ensuring that all affected organizations are represented in the configuration control board forum. The system engineer should also ensure that the...
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