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Unformatted text preview: o all project participants. The systems engineering effort must be responsive to both the customer and the contractor interests. ducts Test Readiness Reviews and ensures that only verified configuration items are integrated into the next higher assembly for further verification. Verification is continued to the system level, after which system validation is conducted to prove compliance with user requirements. Systems engineering also ensures that concurrent engineering is properly applied through the project life cycle by involving the required specialty engineering disciplines. The SEMP is the guiding document for these activities. 4.3 The Work Breakdown Structure A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a hierarchical breakdown of the work necessary to complete a project. The WBS should be a product-based, hierarchical division of deliverable items and associated services. As such, it should contain the project's Product Breakdown Structure (PBS), with the specified prime product(s) at the top, and the systems, segments, subsystems, etc. at successive lower levels. At the lowest level are products such as hardware items, software items, and information items (documents, databases, etc.) for which there is a cognizant engineer or manager. Branch points in the hierarchy should show how the PBS elements are to be integrated. The WBS is built from the PBS by adding, at each branch point of the PBS, any necessary service elements such as management, systems engineering, integration and verification (I&V), and integrated logistics support (ILS). If several WBS elements require similar equipment or software, then a higher level WBS element might be defined to perform a block buy or a development activity (e.g., "System Support Equipment"). Figure 10 shows the relationship between a .system. a PBS, and a WBS. A project WBS should be carried down to the cost account level appropriate to the risks to be managed. The appropriate level of detail for a cost account is det...
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