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Unformatted text preview: ts Compliance Document (VRCD). Documentation for test procedures and reports may also be defined. Because the system engineer should be familiar with these basic elements of a verification process, each of these is covered below. Verification Requirements Matrix. The Verification Requirements Matrix (VRM) is that portion of a requirements document (generally a System Requirements Document or Cl specification) that defines how each functional, performance, and design requirement is to be verified, the stage in which verification is to occur, and (sometimes) the applicable verification levels. The verification engineer develops the VRM in coordination with the design, systems engineering, and test organizations. VRM contents are tailored to each project's requirements, and the level of detail in VRMs may vary. The VRM is baselined as a result of the PDR, and essentially establishes the basis for the verification program. A sample VRM for a CI specification is shown in Appendix B.9. Master Verification Plan. The Master Verification Plan (MVP) is the document that describes the overall verification program. The MVP provides the content and depth of detail necessary to provide full visibility of all verification activities. Each major activity is defined and described in detail. The plan encompasses qualification, acceptance, pre-launch, operational, and disposal verification activities for flight hardware and software. (Development stage verification activities are not normally documented in the plan, but may be documented elsewhere.) The plan pro Verification Reports A verification report should be provided for each analysis and at a minimum, for each major test activity, such as functional testing, environmental testing, and end-to-end compatibility testing occurs over long periods of time or is separated by other activities, verification reports may be needed for each individual test activity, such as functional testing, acoustic testing, vibration testing, and thermal vacuum/thermal balanc...
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