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Unformatted text preview: eatTaperC.WaitingTime) + TAVG(QueueatTaperT.WaitingTime):NEXT(1635$); 439 ; ; ; Model statements for module: Record 1 ; 1635$ TALLY: Entity,0,1:NEXT(1625$); ; ; ; Model statements for module: Decide 1680 ; 1625$ BRANCH, 1: If,Entity.Type==RCar,3595$,Yes: Else,3596$,Yes; 3595$ ASSIGN: Decide 1680.NumberOut True=Decide 1680.NumberOut True + 1:NEXT(1639$); 3596$ ASSIGN: 1:NEXT(1626$); Decide 1680.NumberOut False=Decide 1680.NumberOut False + ; ; ; Model statements for module: Record 7 ; 1639$ COUNT: Right Car Nu mber Out,1:NEXT(1628$); 1628$ TRANSPORT: RAGV,RParkStation,1000000; ; ; ; Model statements for module: Decide 1681 ; 1626$ BRANCH, 1: If,Entity.Type==RTruck,3597$,Yes: Else,3598$,Yes; 3597$ ASSIGN: Decide 1681.NumberOut True=Decide 1681.NumberOut True + 1:NEXT(1640$); 3598$ ASSIGN: 1:NEXT(1627$); Decide 1681.NumberOut False=Decide 1681.NumberOut False + ; ; ; Model statements for module: Record 8 ; 1640$ COUNT: Right Truck Number Out,1:NEXT(1629$); 1629$ TRANSPORT: RAGVT,RParkStationT,1000000; 440 ; ; ; Model statements for module: Decide 1682 ; 1627$ BRANCH, 1: If,Entity.Type==LCar,3599$,Yes: Else,3600$,Yes; 3599$ ASSIGN: Decide 1682.NumberOut True=Decide 1682.NumberOut True + 1:NEXT(1641$); 3600$ ASSIGN: 1:NEXT(1642$); Decide 1682.NumberOut False=Decide 1682.NumberOut False + ; ; ; Model statements for module: Record 9 ; 1641$ COUNT: Left Car Number Out,1:NEXT(1630$); 1630$ TRANSPORT: LAGV,LParkStation,1000000; ; ; ; Model statements for module: Record 10 ; 1642$ COUNT: Left Truck Number Out,1:NEXT(1631$); 1631$ ; ; ; ; LAGVT,LParkStationT,1000000; Model statements for module: Station 126 1633$ 3603$ ; ; ; ; TRANSPORT: STATION, DELAY: RParkStationT; 0.0,,VA:NEXT(1637$); Model statements for module: Station 127 1634$ 3606$ STATION, DELAY: LParkStationT; 0.0,,VA:NEXT(1637$); 441 SIMAN Codes .exp File [RESOURCES] [VARIABLES] Decide 1466.NumberOut False CheckGapL7600Speed10less.NumberOut False checkvehicletype7500.NumberOut True CheckGapL7450Speed75.NumberOut False Decide 1432.NumberOut True Decide 1743.NumberOut False CheckGapL7450Speed10t.NumberOut False Decide 1463.NumberOut True CheckGapL7600Speed75t.NumberOut False Decide 1732.NumberOut False Decide 1345.NumberOut False CheckGapL7250Speed55_75.NumberOut False SpeedatRStation7600 CheckGapL7850Speed55_75less.NumberOut True checkvehicletype7750.NumberOut False Decide 1375.NumberOut True R.Vehicle Enters1345_1400.NumberOut CheckGapL7800Speed35_55t.NumberOut False CheckGapL7450Speed55_75lesst.NumberOut False CheckGapL6450Speed75t.NumberOut True Decide 1290.NumberOut False CheckGapL7550Speed75.NumberOut False Decide 1791.NumberOut False L.Vehicle Entry900_915.NumberOut Decide 1725.NumberOut False Decide 1681.NumberOut False CheckGapL7700Speed10_35lesst.NumberOut True CheckGapL7600Speed35_55lesst.NumberOut True Decide 1283.NumberOut True Decide 1714.NumberOut False Decide 1670.NumberOut False CheckGapL7850Speed10t.NumberOut False CheckGapL7800Speed10_35t.NumberOut True CheckGapL7600Speed75lesst.NumberOut True Decide 1283.NumberOut False CheckGapL7050Speed35_55.NumberOut True R.Vehicle Enters930_945.NumberOut CheckGapL7650Speed75.NumberOut False CheckGapL7500Speed55_75lesst.NumberOut True checkvehicletype7250.NumberOut True Decide 1784.NumberOut False L.Vehicle Entry1800_1815.NumberOut CheckGapL7050Speed10lesst.NumberOut True Decide 1710.NumberOut True CheckGapL7750Speed10_35less.NumberOut False Decide 1773.NumberOut False R.Vehicle Enters1030_1045.NumberOut Decide 1718.NumberOut False 442 CheckGapL7650Speed10_35less.NumberOut True checkvehicletype6700.NumberOut True checkvehicletype7950.NumberOut True CheckGapL7450Speed35_55less.NumberOut False Decide 1763.NumberOut True Decide 1741.NumberOut True Decide 1707.NumberOut False Decide 1663.NumberOut False CheckGapL7550Speed10_35.NumberOut False CheckGapL7050Speed55_75t.NumberOut False R.Vehicle Enters1415_1430.NumberOut Decide 1652.NumberOut False CheckGapL7600Speed10_35t.NumberOut True Decide 1794.NumberOut True Decide 1772.NumberOut True Decide 1750.NumberOut True CheckGapL7550Speed10_35.NumberOut True CheckGapL7500Speed75.NumberOut True CheckGapL7450Speed55_75less.NumberOut True CheckGapL7350Speed55_75less.NumberOut False Decide 1777.NumberOut False Decide 1662.NumberOut True Decide 1640.NumberOut True CheckGapL7750Speed75.NumberOut False Decide 542.NumberOut True CheckGapL6950Speed35_55t.NumberOut True Decide 552.NumberOut False CheckGapL6700Speed55_75.NumberOut False Decide 1766.NumberOut False L.Vehicle Entry845_900.NumberOut Decide 1379.NumberOut False CheckGapL6950Speed55_75.NumberOut True L.Vehicle Entry715_73.NumberOut CheckGapL6450Speed10lesst.NumberOut False Decide 1693.NumberOut True Decide 1656.NumberOut False CheckGapL7500Speed10t.NumberOut False checkvehicletype6950.NumberOut False Decide 1561.NumberOut True CheckGapL7350Speed10_35.NumberOut False CheckGapL6450Speed10_35less.NumberOut True Decide 1708.NumberOut True Decide 1645.NumberOut False CheckGapL6950Speed55_75t.NumberOut True CheckGapL7750Speed55_75....
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