Sales operational plan is derived from the overall

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Unformatted text preview: & operations plan. Sales & operational plan is derived from the overall business plan.It is mainly detected by the sales forecast figures for the various products.operational plan is derived from sales plan.The aggregate production plan indicates the general operational range Basic ERP System 3) Master Production Schedule with Bill of Material (BOM) It deals with items or output of the production function. All future demand for the work in progress and raw materials are dependent on the master schedule Past demand does not always get extension in future& this is kept in mind while planning for raw materials and work in process Basic ERP System The aggregate plan & master production schedule for computers 1 Weeks Type1 Type2 Type3 1 2 3 200 2 800 Month Computer Production 850 4 5 350 100 75 75 6 7 8 150 100 125 100 175 200 Basic ERP System Time facing Master Production Schedule (MPS). MPS has element of flexibility Many factors decide this production lead time,commitment of parts & component,buyer-seller relationship,excess capacity available & tendency to make or not...
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