The master production schedule and bom file mps

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Unformatted text preview: ventory file.,the master production schedule and BOM file MPS provide a list of items in specific time period. BOM describes the materials and the parts needs to make each item in specific time period. The stock position is shown by the inventory file. The MRP program accesses the segment of the inventory file and at the same time refers to BOM to compute quantities of each item required. There can multiple masters schedulers for each major product line and they compete resources Basic ERP System Material Requirement Planning Basic ERP System Material Requirement Planning Structure of ERP System Client Server Functions ERP system is client server based.To run ERP system , Powerful PCs are required at both ends. The functions are performed by three layers of logic. Presentation Layer Graphic user interface or browser for data entry.or accessing system functions Application Layer Business rules,functions,logic & programmes acting on data received/transformed from to database servers. Database layer Management of organization’s operational or transactional data including metadata Client Server Functions PC PC PC Presentation Layer Client Work Station Application Layer Application Servers Database layer Database Servers PC ERP Strengths & Weaknesses End of Chapter 3 “Like” us on Facebook: “Follow” us on Twitter: Watch informative videos on Youtube:
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