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Let pm be the number of poles on the 50 hz motor and

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Unformatted text preview: ower could be transferred from the 50 Hz to the 60 Hz systems. Let Pm be the number of poles on the 50 Hz motor, and let Pg be the number of poles of the 60 Hz generator. Find the smallest number for Pm and Pg. Keep in mind that Pm and Pg must be even integers. Fig. 6.2 Japan, site of 50 / t60 Hz frequency changer 6.3 John’s house in Tempe is served electrically by a single phase transformer rated 15 kVA, 8160 / 220 V, 60 Hz. The leakage reactance of the transformer is 400 ohms referred to the high side. John wants to replicate an interestin...
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