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Unformatted text preview: operation as in (A) at s = 0.01; 0.02; and 0.03 Vsta = 440 V l-l (C) Find the stator active power in kW (or MW) again for operation as in (A) at s = 0.01; 0.02; and 0.03 ROTOR STATOR 0.12 Ω Fig. 7.1b Equivalent circuit of a given induction motor. Parameters shown are in ohms per phase 7.2 A synchronous generator rated 10 MVA, 35 kV, three phase, 1800 rpm has synchronous reactance xs = 12.0 ohms / phase. The DC field current is adjusted to obtain an open circuited terminal voltage at rating. Then a wye connected load is connected to the generator and that load is 100/30o ohms per phase. (A) Find the stator current magnitude. (B) Find the active power delivered to the load (three phase total). 7.3 Work problem 12.8 of the textbook (on page 477) 7.4 Work problem 12.18 of the textbook, parts A, B, and C only. 0.12(1-s)/s...
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