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Lecture 8 Feb 13

Lecture 8 Feb 13 - Inequality of Crime and Deviance Lecture...

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Inequality of Crime and Deviance Lecture 8 February 13, 2007 The American Welfare State 1) Agenda a) Finishing up discussion of power b) What is the ‘welfare state’? c) Comparatively distinctive structure of the American social welfare framework d) Main socioeconomic effects of U.S. social policy 2) Dahl a) Much more critical view of democracy in America 3) The “Debate” Degenerates—community power debate a) Dahl concedes on some important points b) Concepts of ‘nondecisions’ and ‘second face of power’ considered by many too amorphous and difficult to test c) Peterson 1981: city politics isn’t American politics i) City governments are not comparable to federal politics d) Thus most vibrant debate over power in American politics lapsed 4) Lessons of the “Debate” a) Fundamental issue in a democracy is ‘who governs?’ i) What does this mean for the balance of power among different forces in society b) Need to examine power in action; reputation for power is not sufficient in itself c)
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