3 problems 69611 613618 pressure composition diagram

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Unformatted text preview: n text!): n l x T − y 2 pv . nV = x2 − xT = lp Example 6.3, Problems 6.9–6.11, 6.13–6.18 Pressure-composition diagram to Temperature-composition diagram: Figure 6.5, 6.6 Notes: Higher vapor pressure Þ lower boiling point. Neither the liquid curve or the vapor curve generally appear as straight lines in temperature-composition space. Temperature-Composition or “Distillation” diagrams: Ÿ Temperature-composition diagrams are drawn at fixed pressure, usually 1 atm or 1.013 bar. Ÿ Consider liquid at composition p. If we raise the temperature, the liquid will start boiling when it reaches the bubble-point line at that composition, denoted by the point l. Ÿ The vapor formed at this temperature has the composition given by the tie-line to the dew-point line, denoted by the point v. Ÿ The vapor is richer in the more volatile component. Therefore, the liquid left behind is richer in the less volatile component. Fig 6.7 Ÿ If this is a sealed system and the vapor is not allowed to escape, the tempearture will remain stead...
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