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Unformatted text preview: pressure term by the standard pressure, the quantity within the square brackets is dimensionless. In other words, , r G  = −RT ln K  , or P K  = exp é −, r G  /(RT) ù . ë û P This is the thermodynamically correct definition of the equilibrium constant with respect to pressure. Note that, because of the division of each pressure term by the standard pressure, this is a dimensionless quantity. For real gases, the partial pressures must be replaced by the partial fugacities. The equilibrium constant can also be expressed in terms of concentrations by substituting PA = nART/V, etc., and recognizing that nA/V = [A], etc., to get n C +n D −n A −n B K  = K C æ RT ö , where P è P ø KC = [C ] n C [D ] n D . [A ] n A [B ] n B Also, by recalling that PA = xAP, where xA is the mole fraction of A and P is the total pressure at equilibrium, we ca...
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