Lecture 11 Feb 22

Lecture 11 Feb 22 - o Butler There is going to be a shift...

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Inequality and American Democracy Lecture 11 February 22, 2007 Guest Lecturer: Stuart Butler Who should have access to social insurance and who should not? o Butler: Social insurance is a basic safety net that everyone can count on, but you have to watch out for the middle class hijacking the system o Hacker: There should be a basic safety net, health insurance, employment protection Basic minimum should not lift troubled Americans just above the poverty line but should provide enough income to keep them afloat
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Unformatted text preview: o Butler: There is going to be a shift in power when the baby boomers begin collecting social security • Why not let states experiment with healthcare, where there is a more democratic level? o Hacker: National problem calls for a national solution, ultimately we are citizens of the nation, not of particular states o Butler: Best way to reach individuals is through a state-led approach Federal government should facilitate state-led approaches to social insurance...
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