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Whyhuntingtonsclash whyhuntingtonsclash

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Unformatted text preview: ilizations (cultures?) in providing humans with – identity rules of conduct meaning in life • The inevitability of conflict “The Errors of ‘Endism’” • ‘End’ Assumes too much (western­style) rationality • “End’ does not account for forces that motivate people • Convergence vs. Invariance What does modernity produce? What does modernity produce? • Convergence – All industrial and post­industrial societies face the same challenges and requirements. They will necessarily look much alike • Invariance – All societies provide identity to individuals within them and cannot be varied easily. Why Huntington’s “clash”? Why Huntington’s “clash”? • Differences are profound (invariance) • Interactions intensify (globalization) • Local identity weakens (globalization) • Compromise difficult (in...
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