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22 World System Today - Western Views

Materialism ideasmoreimportantthanobjectscfplato

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Unformatted text preview: nternational politics post­Cold War Fukuyama’s main ideas Fukuyama’s main ideas • Hegel ‘rescued’ from Marx – ideas vs. materialism • Ideas more important than objects (cf. Plato) • Marx’s axiom “all is material” is itself an idea – history is a one­way process • State ­ more than the sum of its citizens (Hegel) • Only the state allows full development (Aristotle) Fukuyama’s main ideas Fukuyama’s main ideas • Universal and durable human aspirations: – Material well­being • History moves in one direction • Free enquiry of science leads to production of goods – Individual recognition • Only liberal democracy gives this to all • Only free societies produce democracies Free market liberal democracies Free market liberal democracies • The free market depends on – – – – material production which depends on technology which depends on science which depends on free inquiry • A liberal democr...
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