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17 Classical Greek Thought

425 mostathenianfarmlandlostcommonerssuffer

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Unformatted text preview: ate Aristophanes: Aristophanes: Satire on War’s Causes Greek amphitheater Greek amphitheater Aristophanes – The Acharnians Aristophanes – • Context – – – 6 years into war with Sparta (c.425) most Athenian farmland lost, commoners suffer • Contribution – – voice of popular discontent against war – commentary on causes • Ideas – – causes of this war (and most wars) are trivial – rival cities very much like each other Thucydides: The State at War Thucydides: The State at War Athenian Empire Athenian Empire Athenian Trireme Athenian Trireme Sparta’s Lacedaemonian Empire Sparta’s Lacedaemonian Empire Spartan hoplite Spartan hoplite Walls – Athens to Piraeus Walls – Athens to Piraeus History of the History of the Peloponnesian Wars • Context – – Greek civil war b...
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