17 Classical Greek Thought

Athensloseswhenitbetraysitsideals readingsincontext

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Unformatted text preview: etween Athens and Sparta and their allies 431­404 BCE – Thucydides is an Athenian general fired for misdeeds ­ goes to live in Sparta • Contribution – – First history to account for events solely as a result of human actions History of the Peloponnesian Wars • Underlying themes – – war is a ‘sickness’ of the body politic – love of power causes the war – Athens loses when it betrays its ideals Readings [in context] Readings [Athens supports revolt at Potidea, excludes Megarians from its market, war begins, 431] Perícles Funeral Oration, 430 [Peace of Nicias (Spartan king), 421­416] Melian dialog, 416 – Melos captured and despoiled [Disastrous invasion of Sicily, 415 ­ Athens...
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