Lecture 13 Mar 1

Lecture 13 Mar 1 - their own fate 4 American Apartheid a...

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Inequality and American Democracy Lecture 13 March 1, 2007 Katrina: Anatomy of a “Natural” Disaster 1) Preparation for Katrina a) Proper evacuations and warnings were issued before the hurricane touched down b) Mayor Nagin wished to issue a mandatory evacuation 2) Katrina a) Rain was most destructive to New Orleans b) Breached levees were the reasons for the flooding, which covered 80% of the city 3) Evacuation a) In the hours before the storm hit, almost 1 million residents of the metro area decided to evacuate b) 25% of the city stayed behind because they were unable to leave, disabled, or didn’t have a vehicle to leave c) Senator Rick Santorum—claimed that people who did not leave were responsible for
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Unformatted text preview: their own fate 4) American Apartheid a) Residential segregation within society b) Public policy and urban poverty i) Public housing, high rise, least desirable parts of the city ii) Government heavily subsidized this housing c) Failure to create affordable housing 5) Bush’s Poverty Proposals a) Gulf Opportunity Zone i) Stuart Butler was key architect in recreating an area that was a tax haven to encourage entrepreneurs and investors to move in 6) Will New Orleans Come Back? a) Many predict no b) The population that does come back is more likely to be white and affluent c) The poor population has been spread out and have started new lives...
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Lecture 13 Mar 1 - their own fate 4 American Apartheid a...

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