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Lecture 17 Mar 29

Lecture 17 Mar 29 - Inequality and American Democracy...

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Inequality and American Democracy Lecture 17 March 29, 2007 Education: Great Leveler or Great Multiplier? Agenda: 1. U.S. Education in Historical and Cross-National Perspective 2. Localism and Public K-12 Education 3. Higher Education and the New Meritocracy 1) Education and Opportunity a) America was a pioneer in the creation of a universal public education b) Three main historical motives i) Belief in the power of education to improve individuals as well as American democratic practice (Jefferson’s “crusade against ignorance”) ii) Education seen as a route to economic opportunity and growth iii) Fear of immigration and religious tension 2) Public school funding is largely composed of property taxes a) Lower income areas with lower house prices will have less funded school districts b) Not that poor districts have substantially less funding—its that high income districts have substantially more funding 3) De Facto Resegregation a)
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