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Memorandum2 - spoke system used by some of our competitors...

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Memorandum Date: 2/4/2008 To: North East Airlines Employees From: Benjamin J. Olson (SID# 810084879) CEO North East Airlines RE: CONGRADULATIONS ON YOUR HARD WORK As you may already know, North East Airlines is one of the top Airliners in the industry. One of our latest improvements was hedging on gas prices. We bought fuel futures for the company at a competitive price. Our debt to equity ratio is low compared to our competitors, meaning most of the assets we own are not financed by debt. This is good considering most carriers have a scary 99/1 debt to equity ratio. We no longer borrow money to stay aloft because we have cash funds for additional financing and investing. One of the reasons why North East Airlines is one of the top airliners in the country is our ability to survive over the long-term. In addition, we have adopted a linear route system that is superior to the hub and
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Unformatted text preview: spoke system used by some of our competitors. This system operates with great efficiency in major and minor cities across the globe. We are also expanding operations by adopting routes that other carriers are abandoning. It is clear that we are still one of the top airliners in the country, and it is all attributed to the hard work you all have put into North East Airlines. The work ethic I have seen in all of you is incredible, and I hope to see more of it. After 25 years we have no reason to let anyone go. This may sound surprising because of the poor economy and many companies conducting layoffs, but it is your hard work that has made this easy. Please keep up the good work. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Benjamin J. Olson, CEO North East Airlines Memorandum: YOUR HARD WORK IS GREATLY APPRECIATED...
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