It is also a good approximation for weakly

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Unformatted text preview: atoms into a single state and then found the state by minimizing the energy. We can also have macroscopic condensation of particles into a single state that is not stationary but undergoes dynamic evolution. This form of dynamics is exact for non-interacting particles, when all particles undergo identical evolution determined by the external fields (assuming that all atoms started in the same state). It is also a good approximation for weakly interacting particles. The role of interactions is to provide an effective field acting on the atoms. This effective field needs to be computed self-consistently according to the instantaneous value of the density. Equation describing such self-consistent dynamics is called the Gross-Pitaevskii (GP) equation. We rewrite Hamiltonian (3.1) in real space rather than momentum space 3.2. GROSS-PITAEVSKII EQUATION 9 representations. We also add external potential Vext (r, t) for generality H= 1 2m d3 r | Ψ|2 d3 r Vext (r, t)Ψ† (r)Ψ(r) + + − µ U0 2 d3 r Ψ† (r)Ψ† (...
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