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Outlining is very helpful in the process of writing

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Unformatted text preview: Outlining is very helpful in the process of writing an essay. Through outlining you can easily organize your essay and begin to see how the paper will come together after writing a rough draft of the essay. Sometimes you even find that some of the sentences can the revised into topic sentences which makes your job as a writer much easier. This can then lead to ideal paragraph organization and make it easier to place quotes and analysis within the paper. This can also help to clue you into what you may be missing in your essay, like places you need to strengthen your work and analysis of your chosen quotes. After you have done a first draft you can write another outline and label what each sentence is doing to ensure your sentences are working to their full potential and are not fluff or summary. This can also help with the order of the sentences. 2. When I grade your papers what do I and what am I looking for? (Hint: the answer is in the CCC reading for today) You read every sentence and identify what it is doing. Yo...
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