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Characternts in a rst version of the ed the train

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Unformatted text preview: nt of train stock rm this train service in such h stage there are enough nswer this question, one mber of further characternts. In a first version of the ed, the train stock consisto-way train units (‘koploping of three carriages. Each . t both ends an engineer’s n be coupled together up to length (often 15 carriages, se 5 train units). h can be changed, by coug units, at the terminal stathat is at Amsterdam and route at the intermediate m and Roosendaal. Any led from a train arriving at can be linked up to any ing from p at any time later dam-Vlissingen schedule is Figure 4 From Harris and Ross [3]: Schematic diagram of the railway network of the Western Soviet Union and East European countries, with a maximum flow of value 163,000 tons from Russia to Eastern Europe and a cut of capacity 163,000 tons indicated as ‘The bottleneck’ courtesy Alexander Schrijver 4 flow networks source + sink: capacities: flow networks source + sink: node s, and t capacities: c ( u, v ) assumed to be 0 if no (u,v) edge example 2 3 3 s 3 1 3 2 t 1 2 2 3 flow map from edges to numbers: capacity constraint: flow constraint: example 2/2 2/ 3 1/ s 0/ 2/ 1/3 1/1 2/3 1/2 3 t 1 /2 1 2 2/3 max flow problem given a graph G, compute greedy solution?...
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