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Lecture 22 April 17

Lecture 22 April 17 - Inequality and American Democracy...

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Inequality and American Democracy Lecture 22 April 17, 2007 Guest Lecturer: Paul Pierson 1) Support for Bush Tax Cuts a) 56% support b) 33% oppose c) 11% don’t know 2) Did the Public Want Tax Cuts? a) Must consider trade offs b) Need to separate magnitude and distribution i) Little support for either c) Essentially no support for distribution i) “Should the rich get bigger share because they pay more in taxes” (24%) or should “everyone get the same level” (70%) 3) Little Support for Specific Ends of Tax Cuts a) CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll subsequent to House passage: i) “Reject” or “Major Changes” : 52% ii) More tax cuts for lower-income taxpayers (75%) iii) Reduce size “significantly” (59%) 4) Paul Pierson a) Income inequality is most prevalent at the top tenth of top 1 percent b)
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