B a u v l compare the round trip times ta and tb for

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Unformatted text preview: distance L within the time t, then we know v: L=(u’-v)t, therefore v = u’ – L/t But: Very difficult with light! u’ = c t ~ 10ns and v ~ 0.0001*c. We would have to measure t with an absolute precision of ~0.0000000000001s and we have to know c very precisely! B A u’-v L Compare the round-trip times tA and tB for paths A and B. This has the great benefit, that we do not have to measure the absolute times tA and tB (which are only a few ns) and we are less sensitive to uncertainties in the speed of light. Instead we can measure the difference (more or less) 2 Michelson and Morley Intermezzo: Interferometers Mirrors L -v Detector 1881...
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