E semi transparent mirror x b detector free physics

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Unformatted text preview: beams. (Yes, light is a wave!) Electromagnetic waves The Michelson interferometer E-field (for a single color): E (x, t) = E 0 sin[ (2πx/λ ) ̶ ωt + ] Mirrors Light source Light source E λ λ = 2πc/ω, ω = 2πf = 2π/T E0 x Wavelength λ of visible light is: λ ~ 400 nm → 750 nm. E Semi-transparent mirror x B Detector Free physics simulations! http://phet.colorado.edu EM-Waves in an interferometer Mirrors L Light source L Radio Waves.jar Wave interference.jar Semi-transparent mirror 3 Constructive interference Unequal arm lengths Esum(x,t) = ½ · E0 sin(ωt+2πx/λ +) + ½ · E0 sin(ωt+2πx/λ +) = ? = E0...
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