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Something dierent initial ke reading quiz 0 frequency

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Unformatted text preview: ght 0 Initial KE B Initial KE A 0 Frequency Frequency D Initial KE C 0 Frequency E. something different Initial KE Reading Quiz 0 Frequency Correct answer is D. There is a minimum frequency below which the light cannot kick out electrons… even if wait a long time Ephot work func/on Φ Inside metal As the frequency of light increases (shorter λ!), the KE of electrons being popped off increases. (it is a linear relationship) Initial KE 0 Electron poten/al energy do sim showing graph Frequency of light What about different metals? (try sim) high intensity low intensity 0 Battery Voltage Initial KE I Photoelectric effect in a nutshell 0 Frequency of light Wave or Par/cle? Ques/on arises oUen throughout course: •  Is something a wave, a par/cle, or both? How do we know? •  When best to think of as a wave? as a par/cle? In classical view of light, EM radia/...
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