By contrast crossover explores the points dened by the

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Unformatted text preview: e values at these 2 posi/ons are converged. •  How to fix this? •  Muta/on may explore the search space without limita/on. Sphere func/on: f(x1,x2)=x1^2+x2^2  ­5.12<=x1<=5.12  ­5.12<=x2<=5.12 4.88 2.88  ­5.12 p P’ 0.88 x2 •  Crossover does not introduce new gene values to the popula/on, but reshuffle the exis/ng genes within the popula/on in different ways. •  Gene values are associated with posi/ons: Crossover or Muta/on  ­3.12  ­ ­1.12 1.12 0.88  ­3.12 P’  ­5.12 x1 2.88 P’’ 4.88 P=(0.6,1.3) Muta/on rate=1/L P’=(0.6, ­1.8) P’=(3,1.3) Muta/on rate=2/L P’’=(3,1.8) Crossover or Muta/on  ­ Con/nued Crossover or Muta/on  ­ Con/nued •  In prac/ce, muta/on explores its neighborhood, defined by its step size s, which can be adjusted for global or local search. •  By contrast, crossover explores the points defined by the pare...
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