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Soluon bias the selecon ie reduce the selecon

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Unformatted text preview: of varia/ons (but also depends on the similarity between parents). –  The difference between parent and offspring is larger with more number of crossover points. Uniform Crossover •  Uniform crossover (Ackley, 1987, Syswerda, 1989): for each of the L genes, randomly decide if first or second parent inherits that gene. I: ABCDEFG => AbcDeFG J: abcdefg => aBCdEfg •  Issue: might cause too much disrup/on: –  good individuals produce offspring with a worse fitness. •  Solu/on: bias the selec/on: –  i.e. reduce the selec/on probability from 50% to 20% 2 2/4/14 Parameterized Uniform Crossover •  This is a uniform crossover with tunable disrup/on (Spears and De Jong, 1991): Real Number Vectors Crossover Operators •  In addi/on to 1 ­point, 2 ­point and uniform crossovers, arithme/c crossover [Michalewicz, 1996] can be used for real ­value...
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